Waterpik handheld shower head

Waterpik VSS-563MT Series Magnetic Slide Strip, Adjustable Height Shower head, Chrome

1. This is an adjustable height hand held shower head. Move the shower head, whether high or low as you please by sliding the Magnetic bracket up and down in one simple motion.
2. Innovative magnetic bracket with 18-inch stainless steel strip is included.
3. You can install this shower head in a few minutes without the hassle to use drills or screws.
4. Included with this shower head is advanced waterproof adhesive pads to keep the strip tightly in its place.
5. What good a handheld shower head without a hose? A durable five-foot metal hose, which is ultra flexible plus anti-kink is included.
6. Buy with peace of mind thanks to the limited lifetime warranty.

Waterpik SM-451 Original 4-Mode Massage Handheld Shower, White

1. 4 spray settings are included. Those are massage, slow massage, soothing full body and full body + massage.
2. You can install this faucet in a few minutes on any standard shower pipe.
3. A flexible 5-foot hose and a shower bracket are included.
4. Made of plastic, white in color.
5. Limited lifetime warranty is included.

Waterpik Series Xro-763 Powerpulse Massage Hand Held Shower Head, 2.5 GPM, Chrome

1. This handheld shower head comes with a total of 7 high-performance spray settings.
2. Equipped with a new, revolutionary power pulse massage that delivers up to 2X the massage force compared to other retail shower head.
3. Carry and use this handheld shower head anywhere in your bathroom thanks to the five-foot hose, which is also included.
4. Xro-763 comes with advanced optiflow technology for maximum waterflow and excellent shower head performance.
5. Easy to install, for everyone. Plus expert setup is included.
6. Inside the box: the handheld shower head (main part), bracket and a hose.
7. Limited lifetime warranty is included.