Rainfall Shower Head Full Guide, List And Comparison 2018

Getting a refreshing bath at home is one way to relax and re-energize your body. Especially when you are back home from a long, tiring day job. Now, just imagine if you can have a wonderful experience just like having a bath under a heavy downpour or perhaps a natural waterfall. You can do that by getting a rainfall shower head.

What are the benefits of getting a rainfall shower head?

  • Clean your body all at once: Since the shower head is wall-mounted, all you need to do is stand under the rainfall shower head, and then turn your body around. You can wash the entire body all at once.
  • Have a refreshing bath just like under a heavy downpour: The rainfall shower head has the ability to make the water stream out, just like a natural, heavy downpour. It is different from a standard, painful water jets. Experience real, clean water droplets onto your skin.
  • Experience different type of rain shower modes: One thing that I like about rainfall shower head, especially the ones sold online, is the fact they also provide the different type of features and water modes, like moderate rain, power rain, and water saving mode. This can be done with some built-in water pattern regulator which allows anyone to customize the type of water flow. This will give the users more choices to change their shower experience every now and then.
  • No need to carry the shower head around: You don’t need to purchase a long shower hose or carry the shower head around because a rainfall shower head, by default can be mounted straight to the wall.

Things that you should consider before getting a rainfall shower head

  • Your water pressure at home: One thing to remember is the larger one rainfall shower head, the higher its water pressure needed to provide yourself an efficient shower. Hence, if your water pressure at home is low, you will want to think about a smaller sized shower head, so you can still enjoy the rainfall feeling while taking the bath.
  • What your shower head is made of: Majority of the available rain shower head are in chrome or stainless steel, but sometimes, you can also find those in brushed nickel, depending on the kind of look that you want in your bathroom.
  • Features and the water modes: Did you know that some of the manufacturers provide more than just rainfall shower head? They also provide the different type of water modes for this shower head, such as rain mist, rain massage, pulsating massage mode plus much more. If you want to take your bathing experience to the fullest, consider getting this type of rainfall shower head.
  • The shape: Do you want something that is round or square? One round rain shower heads range in diameter from 6 inches to 16 inches, and then square ones will vary from 8 inches to 20 inches.
  • Where and how do you want to mount these shower heads: There are several types of rainfall shower heads, some of them are handheld shower heads, some can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. If your pre-existing shower head is fixed to the wall, you might want to stay with the current arrangement. You don’t want to remove the pipes in the wall if you are in this situation. On the other hand, if you are doing a complete renovation of your bathroom, then re-routing the pipes might not be a problem at all. The most flexible of all is a handheld shower head.

Top rainfall shower heads 2018

#1 – AquaDance Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo

Overall rating: 10/10. See the real customers’ feedback.

High-pressure rainfall shower head: This is actually a high-pressure rainfall shower head, so thanks to AquaDance rainfall shower, you can enjoy your shower at home just like you were in a heavy rainfall or in a luxury spa.

Spray the water anywhere and use anyhow that you like: Unlike other rainfall shower head, this product comes with both the handheld shower head and an overhead shower head. If you prefer standing still during the bath, simply use the fixed shower head. On the other hand, if you want to have a change, just use the handheld shower head function and spray the water anywhere you please.

Enjoy the bath just like in a massage or during a heavy downpour: Aquadance Shower Head comes different settings, such as power rain mode, rain mist, rain massage, pulsating massage mode and water saving mode. Thanks to these adjustable settings, you can feel like taking a bath during a rainfall shower or perhaps inside a spa.

A refreshing look in your ordinary bathroom: What good a shower head these days without a chrome body? Thanks to its chrome finish, AquaDance shower head looks very nice inside any standard bathroom.

Hassle-free cleaning: Rub clean jet is included with both overhead and handheld shower head. This is important for easy cleaning, prevent lime buildup inside the water tap and hence save your lots of money for long term.

Hassle-free installation: Included with your package are the rainfall shower head, handheld shower, 3-way diverter, shower hose, Teflon tape, washers and installation guide. No hassle to find the shower hose or the tape elsewhere. All are packaged in a box. Simply follow the manual, setup and you are good to go.

Long-term investment thanks to its lifetime warranty: This product comes with hassle-free US Limited Lifetime Warranty with real customer service representatives in the US. So, buy with confidence since your investment is 100% safe. 

#2 – SomovWorld Rainfall High Pressure 6 Inch Shower Head

Overall rating: 9/10. See the real customers’ feedback.

6 Inch Rainfall Shower Head: Suitable if you are looking for a rainfall shower head with smaller diameters but with excellent performance even during low water pressure. Relax and enjoy your bath, just like you are in a spa center.

Full control of the water pressure: Somovworld Rainfall Shower Head comes with water restrictor to control the water pressure whether you are on low water pressure or high water pressure. Yes, it is easy to remove in case you want to enjoy the water pressure to maximum.

Enjoy the bath just like you are in a spa: Not only you can enjoy a heavy rainfall shower, but also you can adjust the direction of the water spray for maximum comfort, thanks to the swivel brass ball joint.

No hassle to clean the nozzles: This shower head comes with 90 Powered Anti-Clogging Silicone Jets to prevent lime and hard water deposits.

No hassle installation: Included in the entire package are water filter, Teflon tape, and the main luxury rain shower head. Thanks to this all-in-one package, anyone can set up and use this shower head within minutes. Just connect to the existing shower arm and you are good to go.

Somovworld Rain Shower Head looks good in your bathroom: Thanks to its chrome body, once installed, this rain shower head will surely improve the look and feel of your old bathroom.

Long-term investment: This is not just an ordinary rainfall shower head – it is actually a high-quality shower head, made of high-quality ABS material makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.

#3 – Aqua IV Square Rainfall Fixed Chrome High Flow Modern Showerhead

Overall rating: 8/10. See the real customers’ feedback.

Spa like experience: With a square shape and 2.5 GPM, you can enjoy your shower time into a relaxing and enjoyable spa-like experience. This rainfall shower head has multiple holes spread out over a large square head so the water soaks all over your body at once.

Flexible: Thanks to the swivel ball, you can adjust the angle of the showerhead to suit your preference and point the water anywhere you like.

Impressive chrome design: If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to a rainfall shower head, this product is the one that you should go for. It adds a luxury look to your bathroom as if you are in a resort or spa.

Buy with confidence thanks to the 2-year warranty: In case the product is defective, you can simply ask for a replacement. Not only this shower head is impressive, it is back up with the 2-year warranty.

#4 – HealthyLifeStyle Shower Head | Rainfall High Pressure 9.5” with Adjustable Extension Arm | 109 Self-Clean Jets

Overall rating: 7/10. See the real customers’ feedback.

High-pressure rainfall shower head: If you are looking for a real, downpour experience during your bath, this shower head is the one that you should go for. Feel the water droplets onto your skin, just like during a heavy rain shower.

Great product, great value, thanks to the adjustable extension arm: While rainfall shower head could be overpriced and not affordable to some people, this is not the case. You can turn, rotate this shower head plus it also comes with built-in regulator for even flow distribution.

Experience the rainfall bath right inside your home: Thanks to the 9.5 inches rainfall shower head and also 109 self-clean jets will immediately transform your bath into a full spray pattern shower experience.

Ease of installation: You don’t need to hire an expert to install and use this shower head. You can easily install and tightened the shower pipe manually by hand, plus sealant tape and water restrictor included.

Buy with peace of mind thanks to the 10-year warranty: A good product doesn’t complete without a warranty. You don’t need to worry if you don’t like the purchase for one reason or two. You can simply ask for a replacement thanks to the long-term warranty.

#5 – FabricMCC Rainfall Shower Head, High Pressure 9.2″ Round Shower Head for Bathroom, Adjustable Wall Mount Showerhead, Luxury Full Chrome Finish

Overall rating: 7/10. See the real customers’ feedback.

Experience a great, refreshing shower even under low water pressure: This is a high-pressure rainfall shower head, so the water coming out of the nozzles creates a superb rainfall experience. It even works under low water pressure.

Elegant chrome finish: This gives the shower head a bright and unique mirrored look. Thanks to its chrome finish, this shower head can guarantee to last a lifetime without tarnishing, corroding or flaking.

No leak or drip: This is not made with stainless steel. In fact, it is made from solid durable plastic so it won’t leak or drip if a proper installation is done.