Shower hose comparison – read this before you buy

Thinking about reinventing your bathroom? Then probably you are looking for ways to replace old floor mats, shower hose and perhaps the shower head. Different type of faucet requires different type of shower hose. There are a few things that you need to consider before you buy a shower hose.

For example, if you are looking for a hand held shower hose, the best choices would be Embather or Ulteri shower hose. Otherwise, you can choose Homeideas Stainless Steel Shower Hose.

Ulteri Shower HoseLength: 79-inchMade with high quality stainless steelPurchase this
EMBATHER Shower Hose Length: 6 feet, 8 feetMade with PVCPurchase this
HOMEIDEAS Shower Hose Stainless SteelLength: 59-inch, 79-inch, 100-inch, 118-inchMade with stainless steelPurchase this

Tips before you buy a new shower hose
If you are planning to buy a new shower hose, whether, for a handheld shower head or a standard faucet, it will be if you familiarize yourself with the type of hose first.

1. What kind of faucet?
Different kind of faucet requires a different type of shower hose. The most basic type is the traditional hose that is attached directly to the pipe and then serves as the shower head.

The second type is often used as the handheld shower hose, which is the more modern version. This type of hose is made a little longer, hanging from a mounted bracket. This bracket is usually placed about two or three feet higher above the faucet. Therefore, if you are using a handheld shower, it would be best to find a longer hose.

2. The type of materials used to build the shower hose
Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used to create a shower hose. Any shower hose that is made by using stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, stain, much more durable and long-lasting.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, rubber, plastic or PVC shower hose is a great option. But, keep in mind that while this could be money-wise alternative, it is not as durable as stainless steel type hose.

Reviews of top shower hose brands

#1 – Ulteri Shower Hose 79 inch (6.5 Ft.) for Hand Held Showerhead Stainless steel

1. This shower is hose is rustproof and durable thanks to its high-quality stainless steel body.
2. Beautiful chrome finish
3. High pressure and temp resistant. The inner pipe is made of non-toxic, odorless EPDM material.
4. Peace of mind with a 24-month warranty.
5. Easy to replace and setup.
6. Comes with a solid double brass connector, 1/2-inch which fits the standard shower heads.
7. Very flexible with anti-kink body.

#2 – Embather Non-Toxic PVC Flexible Handheld Shower Head Hose

1. Flexible, anti kink shower head hose.
2. Made with PVC, with a beautiful metal end.
3. Comes in standard size, the standard female G1/2-Inch connectors fit for global 1/2-inch interface and most standard handheld shower head.
4. Comes with 6 feet and 8 feet size. This shower hose is long enough for anyone to watch his/her hair in the bathtub, or use in cleaning and rinsing.
5. Beautiful finish with anti-explosion, anti-abrasion, and anti-bacterial.
6. Buy with confidence. Your purchase is backed by a lifetime guarantee and if you encounter any problem, you can get a replacement within 24 hours.

#3 – Homeideas Shower Hose Stainless Steel Extra

1. Flexible, and no tangles.
2. Super easy to install and fits most handheld showers in the USA.
3. High-pressure water resistance. Made from SUS304 stainless steel, ensuring its quality and longevity.
4. Available in 59-inch, 79-inch, and 118-inch.
5. Beautiful, multi layer chrome finish.
6. Built to resist daily corrosion, scratchers, and tarnishing.
7. Durable anti corrosion replacement is available.
8. The inner pipe is made from non-toxic, odorless EPDM

Moen rain shower head list

A rainfall shower head comes with different features and benefits that allow people to customize their bathing experience. In fact, a good rainfall shower head is created with built-in water pattern regulator which allows you to customize your own bathing experience. Whatever rainfall shower head you may get for your home, make sure that you choose them wisely and always consider your needs as well as your budget.

Moen is one of the leading brands when comes to kitchen and bathroom faucets. Below is list of some of the most popular rainfall shower heads from Moen.

#1 – Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead with Immersion Technology

Now you can enjoy a rain shower experience plus with even more control with the Moen Velocity showerhead. With the 8-inch diameter, you can expect to get exceptional shower coverage. You can also customize the water flow thanks to its 2 spray modes. Moen S6320 is also equipped with Immersion technology, a self-pressurizing system that continuously intensified the flow of water. So, expect to get a thorough rinse every time you take a shower with this faucet.

What’s included with the package:
1. 8-inch shower head.
2. Immersion technology increases spray power for a thorough rinse.
3. Stylish, mirror-like chrome finish.
4. Switch easily between concentrated and rain rinse modes.
5. Lifetime warranty. Your rainfall shower is broken, expect to get a free replacement.

#2 – Moen 26008 Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head 2-in-1 Combo Featuring Magnetic Holder

Just like the name implies, Magnetix provides an easy way to securely dock your showerhead. All you need to do is simply move your showerhead near the magnetic dock and then you can feel that it seamlessly snap into its place.

1. This is both handheld shower and rain shower head. You can easily use the rain shower head function, hand held shower head or both together.
2. The rain shower head comes with 1 full flow function, but the hand held shower head, on the other hand, comes with 6 settings plus a pause button to turn off the water.
3. The chrome design will look great in your bathroom.
4. Super easy to install and use.
5. The package contains all standard shower sets, including 3.5-inch handheld shower head, magnetic holder bracket, and 60-inch flexible metal hose.
6. Water flow rate is 2 GPM.

#3 – Moen 21529 Ignite 9 Inch Rain Shower Head

Enjoy a wide rain shower coverage with 9-inch diameter shower head. Even better, Moen 21529 comes with 5 function combination spray for more variety. Rubber nozzle makes removing away mineral build up a breeze, giving a better water flow. You can easily install this faucet on standard 1/2″ IP shower arms.

1. Chrome finished.
2. 2.5 GPM rainfall shower.
3. Expert setup is included.

Water saving shower head reviews and comparison

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom and at the same time, you are looking for ways to cut the cost? If that the case, you will want to choose a water saving shower head. As the name implies, the purpose of any water saving shower head is to save you tons of money in the long run, so it will be best to choose a high-quality water saving handheld shower. After doing an extensive research, we came to conclusions that the following is the list of the best water saving shower head. 

CLOFY 28-Setting Combo Shower Head Rating: 9/10Read reviewPurchase this
TigerUss 3 Functions Shower Head Full SetRating: 8/10Read reviewPurchase this
LDR 502 1100 Water Saving Showerhead with Push Button Flow ControlRating: 6/10Read reviewPurchase this

# 1 – CLOFY 28-Setting Combo Shower Head with Holder, Stainless Steel Hose

This is a greatly made shower head. This Clofy shower head will make you feel good taking a shower, just like in a real spa. Combined with lots of water pattern options and it is easy to select one particular pattern by using the selector tab. The stainless steel hose which is included and seems to be very convenient.

1. Clofy use at least 20% less water than the other industry standards. This is certified by WaterSense. If you are looking for a real, water saving shower head, this is the one that you should go for.
2. 28 combined settings. This shower head comes with full body spray, full spray with massage, full spray with bubbles and then pause mode.
3. Superior quality. Engineering grade ABS constructed, ensuring quality and long-lasting product. Even better, the multi-layer plating chrome finish is very attractive and reflective for a mirror-like look.
4. Stainless steel hose is included with the package.
5. Peace of mind with a 10-year warranty.
6. Ease of installation. This shower head can be installed in five minutes. Anyone can do it.
7. Expert setup is included. However, this part is just optional.

1. Too many features that some people might not need it.

#2 – TigerUss 3 Functions Shower Head – Handheld Water Saving Washer

TigerUSS Shower Head is a light weight handheld shower, which is geared for children. All the components are nicely packed and super easy to install. You don’t need any experience to setup this shower head plus it also comes with water saving feature.

1. Full set, ready to setup and use. The package comes with ABS plastic, chrome plated, 3 function handheld shower head, a 1.5 m hose, which is made of stainless steel, a 16 cm metal shower arm with cover and more.
2. Save up to 20% of water usage. This shower head is listed here for a reason – it comes with water saving feature. If you want to reduce your water bill, then this handheld shower is just for you.
3. Premium quality. This handheld shower system is rustproof and extremely durable.
4. Experience the spa shower, but at home. With 3 amazing water pressure functions, power massage, power rain, and rain/massage, this set offers you the best way to relax, and enjoy a spa grade bath at your home.
5. Make your bathroom looks better. This handheld shower is made with a stylish and contemporary design so you can upgrade the looks and feel of your bathroom. If you always envied the beautiful, shiny shower heads at any 5-star hotel, then this is a perfect choice for you.
6. Easy to setup. Anyone can setup and use the entire package within a few minutes. All the components needed are included within the package so all you need to do is unpack, and then setup the parts.
7. Optional: Expert setup is included. While I don’t think that you will need this feature, but the expert setup is included with additional cost.
8. Peace of mind with the 1-year warranty. Finally, any products that you are going to buy is not complete without any warranty. Which is why TigerUss Handheld shower comes with 1-year warranty. So rest assured, you will be backed with excellent customer service and responsive staff that will always available to help you with any issues.

Less water pattern features compared to CLOFY 28, that is our #1 recommendation above. The 1-year warranty is somewhat a short time period when compared with its competitors, but this is not necessarily bad.

#3 – LDR 502 1100 Water Saving Showerhead with Push Button Flow Control
If you are looking for just to cut your water bills and nothing else, then this showerhead is probably for you. I am aware that some of my readers are looking for a showerhead with just water saving feature and nothing else, so if you fall into this audience, then this showerhead is for you.

1. Cut 15% – 20% of your water bills. This is proven by lots of rave reviews from real users.
2. Control the water flow with a little push of the button.
3. This shower head is much cheaper compared to its competitors, so if you just want a water saving shower head and nothing else, then this one is for you.
4. Limited lifetime warranty.

1. Not many features compared to its competitors.

A little side note here:
Flow control slows water to a trickle but does not shut off entirely to prevent scalding.