LED Shower Head – A good idea for a luxury bathroom

One of the most interesting and perhaps creative invention in the shower head industry is the LED shower head. While lots of other shower head providers and sellers are focusing on the design, looks and usually the water pressure, the LED shower head, on the other hand, is a great way to give a good look to your old, boring bathroom by adding LED bulbs and more colors to your bathroom.

In fact, people who bath under these shower heads feel relaxed and happy after a bath. The visual effect as the lights fade on and also the color changes during the bath giving its users a great shower experience. Keep in mind that these shower heads glow in the dark, so you don’t need to turn on the light if you want an awesome experience. The effect in a dark room of softly glowing colored water is special and also beautiful.

Some of the LED showers also comes with water temperature control. In fact, the color of its LED gives the idea whether the water temperature is too cold or too hot. This will save us from entering a too hot water or perhaps too cold water.

You don’t need to purchase additional power supply such as a battery or something to light on these LED bulbs. Majority of these LED bulbs use the power of water flowing through the shower to help it glow. For kids, this is an exciting experience.