How to use handheld shower heads to your own benefit

The majority of us want to have a relaxing and soothing shower in our bathroom. There isn’t better than having a shower head that can be placed anywhere, whether on a cradle, be mounted on the wall or be held on the pipe or even be held on your hand to bath your kids.

If this is the type of shower that you are looking for, then fixed shower head is not suitable for you. The type of shower head that is suitable for this situation is a handheld shower head.

Just like the name implies, a handheld shower head can be held in your hand, and then used it to shower your body, your pets or your kids in the bathroom. Or you can also mount them on the pipe to enjoy a handsfree shower, just like a normal shower head.

What are the advantages of using a handheld shower heads?

1. A handheld shower head can be held in your hand and it allows you to relax conveniently and let the warm water relieve the sore muscles.

2. Depending on the models, some handheld shower head can be utilized to give your a spa-like massaging experience.

3. Yes, you can adjust the water pressure, the water pattern, and the water temperature. You can even inject oxygen into the water to rejuvenate your skin and give a truly refreshing experience.

4. Easy and fast installation. Many of our recommended handheld shower heads can be installed quickly and easily since all the tools, equipment and most importantly, user manuals are included within the package. Anyone can do it, but if you are worried about the technical part, you have the option to hire a specialist to setup for you.

5. You can bath anywhere in your bathroom. Unlike a fixed shower head, a handheld shower head comes with a long hose that connects to the pipes and then you can use it to bath anywhere, in the bathroom. If you want to take a shower like a normal shower head, then you can place the handheld shower head in its holder.