How to clean a clogging shower head

Have you wondered why the water pressure of your shower head becomes slow sometimes? One of the reasons would be the fact mineral deposits are clogging inside the water faucet and preventing the water from flowing to its full potential. This is quite normal in some places depending on where you get the water supply.

Cleaning the shower head or handheld shower head is not that complicated, but to some people, they just don’t know how to do it. This article will guide you through the entire process.

1. Disassemble the parts. First, you need to unscrew the swivel ball nut that holds the shower head to the mounting collar and then remove it. Once you did that, the rest of the internal parts will go out easily.

2. Keep the diagram. It is very important that you take a note or draw a diagram of how the entire shower head parts went together before you even disassemble the shower head. If you don’t want to use a paper, at least take the picture using a camera. This will save you the trouble when you want to reassemble all of the shower head parts back together once the cleaning process is finished.

3. Preparing the vinegar. Boil vinegar in a microwave until it is hot. This hot vinegar will be useful when you need to dissolve the lime buildups in the shower head.

4. Dissolving the lime buildups. Completely immerse the disassembled parts in vinegar or lime. The entire process will take around 6 hours. Most of the lime buildups will dissolve in the vinegar, although some of the residues might get caught in the smaller holes of the shower head.

5. Remove the remaining buildups. Use small wire brush or paper clip to scrub and clean some areas that might need attention. This will remove the remaining lime buildups in smaller parts of the shower head. Soak the parts in vinegar again for a few minutes and then rinse.

6. Reassemble. Reassemble the shower head based on the diagram, which was taken back in step 2. Turn on the water and then check them for leaks, if any.

7. Rinse and repeat. Does the shower head doesn’t need cleaning anymore in the future? The answer is no. If this happens to you once, probably it will happen again in the future, depending on your water supply. Repeat this process again once per year.