Best stand alone handheld shower head

If you don’t prefer a combo shower head, but instead you are looking for a stand alone handheld shower head, then Aquarius Luxury Spa Grade High Pressure HandHeld Shower Head is the way to go.

Enjoy a spa grade shower with Aquarius. You can adjust the pressure of this handheld shower and experience a luxurious waterfall pressure. Comes with 6 spray settings mode to allows you to easily change the water setting.

1. With its 4.7″ inches width size of the head and 56 nozzles on the main handheld shower head, Aquarius Handheld Shower Head will surely please you. Expect a consistent powerful performance of water flow even under a low water pressure.
2. Premium quality and durable. The Aquarius handheld shower head is made of premium quality ABS Plastic Thermo Material and Chrome finish to handle and present you nice hot showers. No cracks and leaks anymore.
3. Adjust the shower head as you please with the 6 spray settings mode. Simply adjust the water settings and a distinct click lets you see when you are right on that setting’s maximum flow.
4. No complicated things here. Super easy to install. Aquarius Handheld Shower Head will be packed together with step-by-step instructions to setup your shower head with the Teflon tape, rubber band, and filter which are included in the package.
5. Not happy with the purchase? Simply ask for a replacement. Aquarius Handheld Shower comes with a 5-year warranty. In case you are not happy with this product, you can simply tell them and ask for a new replacement for your shower head.

What’s inside the box?
The handheld shower head, 1.7 m shower hose, adjustable mount holder, Teflon tape, rubber band, user manual.