Best shower head and handheld combo

If you are looking for the best handheld shower head overall or perhaps the best shower head and handheld combo, then CLOFY 28-Setting Combo Shower Head is the one that you should go for. With Clofy Combo Shower Head, you can expect to enjoy your bath, just like in a spa.

The reason is simple: Clofy is more than just one handheld shower head. This is actually an all-in-one shower head since it comes with holder and hose, water saving feature, spa grade bath experience, plus several more settings that you can turn on or off. Both heads have a pause mode which stops most of the water to conserve water and reduce your bill.

1. Just like the name implies, this shower head combo comes with different settings. Those are full body spray, full spray with massage, full spray with bubbles, massaging spray, bubbles and finally the pause mode.
2. You can choose to bath using the handheld shower head or you can use the fixed shower head.
3. If you turn on the normal mode, expect to get the same water pressure from both heads.
4. Super easy to install. The package comes with just what you need to setup, including the user manual.
5. Certified by WaterSense. Clofy labeled showers use at least 20% less water than the industry standard so that you can save money, cut your bills without reducing the performance.
6. Multi layer plating with chrome finish. This handheld shower combo is designed with multi-layer plating, with beautiful chrome finish.
7. Eco touch to clean the rubber jet.
8. Buy with peace of mind thanks to Clofy 10-year warranty.

If you turn on both shower heads, with the high-pressure mode, you can expect to get high-pressure water flow only from the main head, and not the handheld head.

What’s inside the box
Fixed shower head, hand-held shower head, 150mm/59 inch stainless steel hose, water diverter bracket and a user manual.