Best Affordable Handheld Shower Head

After careful research, I have found that the best affordable handheld shower head is the ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 Spray Settings. This is due to the fact ShowerMaxx comes with multiple adjustable settings and more features that aren’t available in the other brands. Let me dissect one by one about this handheld shower head.

The ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium has the special features such as the 6 spray settings, premium quality and design, a variety of uses, multiple modes, and peace of mind, thanks to its lifetime warranty. Thanks to the multiple mode features, you can adjust the water flow with whatever modes that you like. It doesn’t matter if you use to clean yourself, or you children, or perhaps your dogs. The six different settings include high pressure, water saver mode or massage mode or more.

1. Premium quality shower head with the top level ABS and also a smooth chrome finish all over the body. This made the ShowerMaxx Shower Head not only looks stylish but also eye-catching.
2. Enjoy low-pressure shower with discharge restrictor. The restrictor can control and lower the pressure of the water flow just like in resorts. This will give you a comfortable bath. At the same time, you can detach this restrictor for normal water pressure.
3. Switch between six different modes. This handheld shower also has several modes that you can turn on or off. If you want more water, then switch to the rainfall mode. If you want a soothing time in the shower, change between power massage and the round massage mode. Other than that, you can also switch to rainfall, circular massage, power massage, rainfall plus circular massage, rainfall plus power massage, water saver trickle.
4. The shower kit has everything that you will ever need to setup and then start using. From tools like rubber units to a Teflon line-closing tape, this shower kit has everything that you can think of. Aside from the units and the tape, this shower kit also has a pipe adapter that can be utilized as a mount for hanging your shower head.
5. It comes with complete instructions manual together with the kit. You can set this up yourself and start using this handheld shower head within 20 minutes. The blueprint in the instruction manual is clear and you don’t need anything else.
6. Expert setup is optional. If you want to save money, or if you already know how to do things yourself, then this part is optional. However, if you are not an expert or want a hassle-free setup, then you can choose to get an expert to set things up for you.

1. You need to take your time to set things up and understand the manual correctly.
2. Some people might have issues when changing to different water flow modes.