Best water saving handheld shower head

Just like the name implies, a water saving handheld shower head is going to save you more money by reducing the water usage over time. Any shower head or handheld shower head comes with a specific mechanism in the faucet which could restrict the water flow.

If you are looking for the best water saving handheld shower head, my suggestion would be to go for Waterpik ECO 563 EcoFlow. The reason why I recommend this handheld shower head, is the fact Waterpik ECO563 comes with several functions. In addition to the 1.6 GPM flow rate, this handheld shower head also comes with 5-mode of spray settings so you can enjoy your bath with different water pattern.

1. The flow rate is 1.6 GPM. Saves up to one gallon of water per minute that this product will pay for itself after 6 months.
2. It comes with advanced AptiFlow Technology.
3. You can turn on and off the water flow by using a unique fingertips control.
4. Save your money, conserve the water, but at the same time, you can also enjoy your bath thanks to 5 powerful spray settings.
5. This handheld shower comes with a secure base, where you can place the faucet and then it won’t fall down.
6. Comes with a great flow regulator, which controls the water flow and pressure.
6. Attractive chrome finished body.
7. Buy with a peace of mind thanks to its lifetime warranty.

Some people have an issue with the smell of its hose, but that is a rare case. If you experience this issue, then you will want to request a free replacement, thanks to the Waterpik lifetime warranty.